5 for Friday | The Week's Best Blogs (11/6/09 Edition)

November 6th, 2009 in Friday Blog Clips

by: Matthew Griffin

I spent some time this week updating old articles on Mirificam Press. The first article I worked on called The Amazing LI: Using CSS and Unordered lists to do Just About Anything is coincidentally getting very close to the 100,000 page view milestone. Thanks to all my readers for making this articles such a big success. I also made updates on another popular article called Two Column CSS Layout: The Absolute Basics so you can check that out if you've never read it. And now here's this week's 5 for Friday.

The Future of the Web: Where Will We Be In Five Years? - Noupe

Creativity is not Design: Design Test 2 - Design View

- Spyre Studios

20 Magnificent Magazine Covers in Recent Years - You the Designer

10 Awesome Techniques and Examples of Animation with jQuery - Six Revisions



Posted By: M. Joshua cauller on 11/06/09

Thanks as always, Matt. :)

Posted By: Edgar on 11/09/09

do you think Menus are dead? Don't we get places through Google, or through social networks when people send us a link directly to where we want to go or should go? How often do we use menus?

Posted By: Matthew Griffin on 11/09/09

Edgar, I agree, we navigate the internet very differently these days (mainly as an effect of social sites like Facebook. But I don't think the menu is completely dead. There are still a lot of people who hit up the same sites every day and use menus to navigate. I'm not sure where all this is going but I'd hate to bank everything on the social internet structure of today, only to find it collapse or transform tomorrow.

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