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Mirificam Press Takes a Stab at the Movies

February 10th, 2010 in Mirificam Press News

by: Matthew Griffin

This is a special post to announce the upcoming production of the film Open When Johnny Can Read. If you've stuck with Mirificam Press over the last few months you've surely noticed how quiet it's been. Open When Johnny Can Read is a full-length screenplay I wrote during that quiet time and is now becoming a reality. Open When Johnny Can Read will go into production this spring with a scheduled release date of fall 2010. The first trailer should be posted on sometime in late spring or early summer, but there will be lots of production photos and videos before that so make sure to check out the website.

Worldview and the Movies

I realize this is somewhat of a deviation from my normal subject matter—Mmm, but not really. It was my study of design that expanded into a general study of visual language that morphed into script writing. It's my goal to produce an entertaining film that employs a deep range of classic visual devices and allusions in a close parallel to the way I approach design. If you've read Mirificam Press for any amount of time, you know my view of "Christian art". I'm not out to make Christian converts with the latest wave of media tools. In fact, there is no evangelistic gospel presentation in the movie at all. Film is a story-telling tool and I'm out to tell a great story. Now, since I am a committed to developing a Christian worldview within myself, my Christianity bubbles up in the story in the form of pictures, themes, references, metaphors, and philosophy. If anything, that's what makes this a "Christian movie".


 Open When Johnny Can Read is a Mystery/Thriller about young college graduate (Wendy). When Wendy takes a position as secretary at a small landscaping company, she quickly discovers that it's no ordinary job. A mysterious letter penned by her new employer's dying father lures her deep into a world of beauty and darkness.

Marketing and Distribution

This is the really cool part. Open When Johnny Can Read will be self-promoted and self-distributed. Of course, I designed all the promotional material and the website. That frees up marketing money, and I'm going to be using that money to give lots of stuff away (t-shirts, posters, pre-release DVDs, etc.) to fans on and . Once the film is completed, I'll be running the festival circuit with my co-director Sean Stringer, and serving up private pre-release online screenings for special fans and movie critics. During the entire production, I'll be posting production photos and videos on , , , and . I'll be sharing what I learn about film-making, promotion, distribution, and everything else so make sure to follow Johnny over the next nine months or so. It's my hope that this endeavor can expand the knowledge and artistic depth of all the long-time Mirificam Press readers so please comment, question, whatever.

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